Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Those darn tabs!

I finally sat down this past weekend and figured out how to add additional pages to my blog, and, let me just tell you, it's completely non-intuitive! To make it worse, blogspot has undergone some changes since their help pages were created, and they've never been updated. It's so totally not helpful to get a screenshot of a page with options that don't exist anymore! However, I muddled through it, and I've added my very first additional page! Yea!

Not to cover what's on  that page, but... One of the things I've been missing about my blog page is my list of favorites. But, although I love looking at people's lists, I kind of hate those lists, too. I mean, it's like having someone ask you what's your favorite ice cream and just listing off all the flavors at Baskin Robbins. I wanted to make mine different. I tried, before, with that list gadget. I was trying to make my list but add something short about why that particular thing was on the list, but, well, that didn't really work, so I scrapped that idea.

Then, I was going to do a post about it, but that doesn't work, either, because, you know, you want that to be the kind of thing that people can access whenever they want, but, if it's a post, it becomes old and gets buried. So making it a separate page was really the only way I could see of doing it.

It just took a while to figure out.

But, now that I have, I have to figure out what to do with all of these pages I have available! Actually, it's not really all that many, so, although I originally planned for each topic: books, movies, television shows, music to have its own page, I decided it would be best if all of those things shared a page, instead. A really long page.

Anyway... I hope you find it interesting. Feel free to leave me comments here (on this post) if you have any about any  of the things I talk about over there in my "Of Significance..." tab.


  1. Congrats on figuring out the tabs! I want to comment on everything but I will start with the first couple and then comment on the rest later. Star Wars a New Hope is one of my favorites! I was so thrilled when my son finished watching a New Hope and turned to me and asked if we could watch it again. He and I share our love of Star Wars and that is awesome. I was a big Nancy Drew fan and borrowed the books from the school library...I tried the Hardy Boys but I didn't care for them as much as Nancy Drew. The Lottery haunts me to this day!!! If I even think about that story I get creeped out....its so good. Well I will be back to comment more....

  2. I had a great time reading through your page there. Good work. I never really enjoyed fantasy that much growing up, being much more of a science fiction guy. But I've been reading much more of it lately.

    I sat through a 'book burning' or two in my childhood too. Adults can be so weird about some things.

  3. Blogspot can be SO confusing. Glad you figured part of it out! I feel like I could spend hours upon hours working out all the little kinks on my blog. I finally just had to let it be. But the peace won't last long, and I'll be messing with it again. Off to read your list now!

  4. I had to recruit my husband to work out this whole tab thingy. Thank God for my personal Help Desk :D

  5. Jennifer: At some point, I will have to do a post devoted to Star Wars and its full impact on my life and the lives of my chidren. I did actually set my book in 1983, so I could explore (in a limited way through references) the impact of the movies on culture, so the book is sprinkled with Star Wars references.
    I should actually have included The Clone Wars series on my list, because that's pretty important to my kids and me, at the moment. One of those things we bond over.

    Rusty: I love great sci-fi. The problem is that most sci-fi isn't great, and bad sci-fi is just... bad. It's much easier for fantasy to, at least, be adequate.
    And, yes, adults can be weird. I'm glad I'm not one :P

    Bess: But Bess, you didn't comment on anything from the list! :P

    Sam: Can I have one of those? Seriously. There's so much tech stuff I have no idea about, and I feel like it takes more time than it's worth for me to figure it out for myself. :/

  6. Ha! Those tabs are a funny thing. I went through a frenzy when i first figured it out, and now I forget I have them for long periods and then have to rush and update. My book page needs updating badly. I manage to keep my bio page within a few months... It was fun to skim all your favorites!