Monday, April 4, 2011

Back in the saddle...

I was finally able to sit down and have a really long chat with my bicycle, yesterday, about why it decided to quit working after the little "incident" a few weeks ago. I don't understand its problem. Really. I mean, I'm the one that broke my wrist; I don't see why it had to get all ornery about the accident and decide to quit working. But we talked it out, and it decided to let go of the chain that it was holding locked between the frame and sprocket. I didn't even have to threaten it. Maybe it was tired of being left out in  the rain we've been having?

At any rate, I was back on my bike for the first time  in more than 3 weeks, yesterday, and the kids and I returned to our routine of biking to school, today. It was good. I hadn't realized how much I was missing the biking. Of course, it's still one handed biking, because I can't grip the left handlebar, yet. I can sort of use my fingertips to guide it from that side, if I need to, though, so, I think, I'm good.

However, that means that I'm, once again, cutting my reading time. See, when we walk, the kids and I, I read. People look at me funny. Stare. Sometimes yell indecipherable things from passing cars. But, you know, why spend it just walking when I can read as I stroll along? It's more efficient the way I do it. Of course, I don't read as much on the legs of the trips when they're with me, but that's okay.

Now, I just have to remember those lessons about what not to do while riding my bike...

In other back in the saddle news, I'm almost finished with my revisions in the 1st edition of my book, The House on the Corner. Yes, this does relate to "back in the saddle" even if only in my own head, at the moment. That will become more clear sometime in the next of couple weeks. But what does all of this mean for you? Well, as soon as I've finished this, I'm going to make the 1st edition unavailable. I will be replacing it with The House on the Corner: The First Person Edition. So, if you want to own for your very own a 1st edition copy of House, now is the time to do it. Then you can pet it and call it "my precious" the way I do when no one is around to see me.
No, I don't really do that. But I have thought it.

Okay, I'm going to go, now... back to that other post I've been working on for... I don't even know how long, days and days.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for stopping by Release Notes and I'd love to read and review your new book! Just let me know!

  2. Great to hear that you're back in the saddle. Don't forget to wear a helmet. Good luck with your revisions! :)

  3. Good luck with the revisions! I also enjoy a good read-and-walk (RAW?). It's a finely honed skill, you know.

  4. And who said men couldn't multi-task? Walking and reading at the same time is impressive! I'd walk into things, for sure.

  5. I'm still working on the walking and chewing gum at the same time thing. I don't think I could master reading while walking without serious injury. Good luck with your revisions.

  6. Karen: That would be great. Let's work that out!

    Sam: The helmet is a must. If I hadn't had it on when I broke my wrist, I would have broken my head, too.

    Shannon: It must be, because people are always amazed by it. But Sari and Serendipity: It's not really as hard as it seems.

    And Sari: I'm the king of multi-tasking. Except when writing, I don't feel like I'm accomplishing anything unless I'm accomplishing more than one thing at a time!

  7. "My precioussssss!" That's hilarious!

    And I, too, walk while reading...or read while walking. I don't do it as much as I used to now that I have small kids to look after, but I do it when I'm alone. And I get the same looks from people that you do.

  8. Jeanmarie: Yeah, I love the looks! I actually don't understand how people can be satisfied with -just- walking.