Monday, March 12, 2012

Being the white rabbit...

Now that I've titled this the way I have, I feel like going into some long thing about Alice and Lewis Carroll, but that really has nothing to do with this post. Carroll was a great imaginer, and I admire that. But he wasn't the greatest story-teller. Of all of his characters, I feel most like the white rabbit. I always have. In fact, I don't really feel any connection to any off the other characters, but I can totally relate to the rabbit. Especially lately. It's like 2012 is the year of the busies. I just want to slow down and get some writing done. I feel so behind...

So I don't really have much of a post today. Mostly just saying "yikes!" I'd like to breathe, now, thank you, but we have at least one more weekend that's going to be all full of stuff. Maybe after that...

A couple of little things though:

1. Briane Pagel has posted his review of The House on the Corner. It includes his famous 10 1/2 question interview, so there may be some tidbits of information that I haven't admitted before. Probably not, but you will get to find out why people in the future wear white jump suits. You can find the interview here.

2. Since we're already talking about Briane, and you're going to go over there and read the interview, anyway, right? (You are, right? because you know you want to know why people in the future wear white jump suits and what, exactly, that has to do with Elvis.) You should sign up for the great Star Wars blogathon! There are still more than 75 questions to go, so, even though I'm in the lead at the moment, it's still anyone's game. Remember, tell him I sent you and get 50 POINTS just for signing up! Here's the link to sign up for the 'thon.

3. We had to attend the third memorial service for a close family member in the last just over a year yesterday. Yesterday's service, in particular, really made me think about what we leave behind. Both the tangible and the intangible. How our lives affect the people around us. I know, back in high school, when I first thought about being a writer, a large part of my desire was to write something that would be remembered. Something that, you know, kids would be hating to have to study hundreds of years in the future. I don't know that I still have such lofty goals but the idea of what we leave behind is a pretty heavy one. It's possible that you should expect an actual post about this sometime soon.

I guess that's it for today. I really am very busy and have to get  onto other things even though I'd rather be writing. I need a bumper sticker that says that... except it would have to go on my butt or my bike since I don't sticker my car.


  1. I read your comment on Lee's blog and I am so happy I'm not pushing a book or anything because I don't want to be pushy or be pushed by that fact.

  2. It would be nice to write something that could torment students 400 years from now like Shakespeare or 2500 years from now like Homer. It's only natural though as you get older to think about your legacy.

    I made a blogsite ( to link to all my stories so that if I get hit by a bus or something someone at some point might trip on them by accident and think what a genius I am.

  3. I'm sorry for your recent losses. They always seem to come in waves.
    Never thought about leaving behind something like a book until recently. Think leaving behind a great memory and people who were thankful you lived is more important.

  4. Debra: It's difficult to balance. And not really fun.

    Grumpy: Are you saying I'm old? Because I think I used to think a lot more about my legacy when I was in my teens than I do now. heh

    Alex: Thank you... we're muddling through.
    As for the rest, yeah, that's what I'm thinking about posting about.

  5. I hear you on the busy stuff. I find myself getting more and more swept up in all the peripheral things that go with writing -- like critiquing and blogging -- instead of actually writing these days. Always feel like I'm running late.

  6. Sorry about the losses of late. I'm always thinking about my legacy. So far people will remember me mostly for belittiling things I'm not interested in. I should probably work on that - sooner rather than later.

  7. I had a tragedy in my family last week. I had to take emergency time off work and head out of state to care for my invalid mother while my dad flew to Texas to bury his mother. Now I'm a week behind. I'm sorry for your losses and hope that you find the time to catch up. I read the review. Briane (although wordy as all can get) had great words for you. He's such a good egg.

  8. L.G.: Yeah, it's hard to both keep your blog active and try to write at the same time.

    Rusty: Well, you have some great covers out there to be remembered for. But, yeah, I know what you mean.

    Michael: I'm sorry for your family's loss as well. Right there with you.

    Briane is a good egg, and I like that he's so verbose. I mean, not only do I enjoy his long winded posts, but he makes me look downright laconic.

  9. It seems very inconsequential to leave a condolence on a blog comment, but then, the medium is not the message, right? My sympathy for your loss(es.)

    I, too, know the feeling of feeling too busy. It's rough; writing is how I unwind, and many days I can't get the time I feel I would like to unwind.

    Thanks for calling me a "good egg" -- that brings back memories of when I was a teen and we would say that sarcastically to each other until eventually it lost all the sarcasm and we meant it genuinely. My God, I don't know why someone didn't just run me over with a car when I was 17.

    A couple of other things:

    I've put up my own Blogathon Blogfest:

    And I tagged you or whatever:

    I did the latter before coming over here to see how busy you were. So feel free to NOT be tagged, but I'd like to see 7 lines of Brother's Keeper, if only because you are like a crack dealer with your writing -- get me hooked and then up the price. Only your book is the crack in that simile, and you haven't upped the price, and a real crack dealer probably wouldn't get me hooked and then entirely withhold the goods. So forget I said anything.

  10. Andrew, sorry about your family's losses.

    I've only just read the interview (I know, I know but I got there eventually). Now, I have to read your book next.

  11. Briane: Yeah, it is the message. A blog comment is as good as anything :)

    Speaking of being run over by a car at 17, my mom tried to do just that to me. True story.

    If all goes according to plan, you'll get your 7 lines tomorrow :)

  12. Sarah P: Thanks :)

    Glad to hear it! Make sure you let me know what you think!