Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A Brief Word About a Bench (pictures I like)

Near Fort Bragg is a pygmy forest. Due to specific living conditions (see an example below), these trees are small. The path through the forest is now a raised, railed walkway to keep people only on the path so that they do not damage the trees, but the path used to be on the ground through the trees. This bench is leftover from that long ago path which is no longer in use.
Still, while we were there, we saw people who had jumped the railing and were out walking in the trees and fondling them and so forth. I'm sure, right now, you're thinking it was a bunch of young white dudes, which, really, would be a fair assumption; however, it was family, a mom and dad and their two youngish kids. Great example parents!
Your assumption about them being white was completely correct, though.


  1. Yeah, definitely white. It's like gender reveal party fatalities. It just screams white.

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