Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Do You Know Your ABCs?

There's this blogging thing that happens in April each year, a thing I'm not going to actively mention here on my blog, at this point, though I have participated in it in the past. Once I found out that the creator/founder of the event is an avowed Trump (#fakepresident) defender...
Let me be clear about that: He's not just someone who voted for Trump (#fakepresident) and, thus, falls into the deplorable basket of Trump (#fakepresident) supporters; he's someone who actively comes to the defense of every horrible thing Trump (#fakepresident) does. That means he supports Trump's (#fakepresident) racism, misogyny, lust to destroy... everything. You support that stuff, you are that stuff.
So I could no longer be involved in that particular blogging event.

This year, I'm going to "honor" unsaid event in my own way.
Which I'm late to start on because I don't follow any of the necessary blogs or people from which I could have picked up this year's special details.
Oh, well.
I think I'll still get my point across.

Let's play a little catch up, and tomorrow I should be on track for the rest of the month.

Abortion is A, a right fundamental,
the Constitution says it's her choice.

B for the boomers, they've gone fully mental,
only heeding their own selfish voice.

C is for Congress and its very brown thumb
shoved eagerly up its own ass.


  1. I hate it when something that's fun and brings people together is ruined by the fact that the people doing it are white supremacist assholes.

  2. I'm ignoring him. I find that I'm used to doing this in April, so I participate. But I know what you mean.

    That's why we did the Talking it Out blog last year.

    1. Liz: Yeah, and I should have suggested this for Talking It Out, BUT
      1. I didn't think about that until I'd already started what I was doing on my own blog.
      2. I know longer believe in talking it out. These people can't be talked to. They're too brainwashed or stupid or something to come out of their tiny Conservative brain holes.

  3. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one skipping the April thing for this reason. For this person. Back in 2016, when this nightmare was still something we laughed about and thought it wouldn't—couldn't—ever happen, and this person began with the DefendTrump idiocy, I thought he was joking. And then... well, it became evident he was not. So. #TakingBackApril

    And I LOVE how you're doing it! Though I might have chosen DACA for D. Then again, I am Mexican ;)

    1. Guilie: Well, yeah, I can't argue with you about DACA. We got to data in a round about way that began with using facebook for F, which it no longer is, so... yeah, D became data.