Friday, June 17, 2011

Sundries on a Friday

This is just a quick little post to serve as an update for the week. Well, and to be a teaser for a post for tomorrow. See, in not very long, now, I will be heading out to a super secret event at a super secret place. Well, it's not really super secret; it's just not well advertised and by invite only. Assuming all goes as planned, I'll post about that tomorrow.

Hmm... other news:

-I'm at 4151 words on Brother's Keeper, so I'm on track on that. Swimming lessons start next week, though, so we'll see how that affects things.

-I have not finished my manuscript changes in The House on the Corner: The First Person Edition, but I'm very close. I lost a full work day this past week during which I probably (okay, might) could have finished them. It's not like they aren't, sort of, already made; they're just not in the computer, yet. That means all the corrections are marked in my hard copy, but I'm not finished transferring them into the computer.

-No progress on a cover, yet. >sigh< Hopefully, I can pull that together by the end of next week.

-Has anyone out there seen The Middleman? I can understand why the show didn't make it, but I love it. Often, I hate that I love quirky non-mainstream things, because the things that I love so rarely make it. I'm not even sure if I should recommend The Middleman, because, in all likelihood, you won't like it, and, then, you'll get all mad at me for telling you to watch it and for making you waste your time. At some point, I'll talk more about this show.

-Neil Gaiman is releasing a new edition of American Gods. An author's preferred edition. It's going to have an additional 20,000 words. This just shows that even high profile authors have their works edited in ways they don't want, and it takes a lot of literary power to be able to go back and do this kind of thing. I want to read it. The hardback's supposed to be full of all kinds of extra goodies.

-I've been paying too much attention to my stats page lately. It gives me thoughts and makes me wonder things.
-Oh, and I'm doing okay on the 2-3 posts a week!

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